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Monday, May 22nd, 2017

After three easy deliveries and 6 pound babies, Travis had to come along and make things a little interesting for his momma. Arriving at 9 pounds 2 oz and with a littlepost delivery NICU visit, Travis is doing well and settling in nicely at home. I have a feeling his two big sisters are going to have quite a lot of fun with their new baby brother but with any luck his big brother Jake will keep them from dressing him up too much. So happy for this sweet family and their newest addition!
Sibling Love

Sisterly love

Nashville Newborns

Nashville Newborn Photographer

Mt Juliet Newborn Photographer

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Mt Juliet Newborn Photographer

Mt Juliet Newborns


What’s One More?

Friday, November 4th, 2016

That’s the question most parents asks themselves at some point. In some cases you know the answer right away, and in others, you know you have more love to share. And this sweet family has that love and are thrilled to announce Baby #4 is on the way. It was a lot of fun helping with their surprise photo announcement that they sent to friends and family as well as updating the portraits of the family before the newest addition next spring. Looking forward to meeting him or her then!

Mt Juliet Family Portraits

Nashville Children's Photography

Mt Juliet Children's Photographer

Nashville Children's Photographer

Nashville Family Portraits

Looking Like Fall

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

It may be looking like fall, but that is just because you can’t tell how hot it is in the photos. It has been a struggle this year with everybody putting on their cute fall clothes that are just way too hot for the temps. Crazy to think we’d be setting record highs at the fist of November. This sweet family were troopers and smiled through it all, with some amazing results, right till the sun dropped out of the sky.

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Mt Juliet Children's Photography

Fall Family Portraits

Sweet Kiss Goodnight

Fall Family Fun

Friday, October 28th, 2016

The calendar says it’s fall, but it still doesn’t look like it, or feel like it for that matter. But with a little creative location choice and clothes we can make it look more like fall than it actually is. I always enjoy spending time with this sweet family and their three amazing kids, Mavrick, Addy and Cannon. I’ve been busy getting everyone’s portraits turned around and neglecting the blog at the moment, but as I catch up, prepare to see a lot of posts featuring all the fabulous fall portraits that have been going down.

Mt Juliet Family Portraits

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Mt Juliet Family Fall Photos

Sunset Kiss Goodnight


Friday, September 23rd, 2016

A new sweet girl has decided to grace us with her presence. Meet Kara, the brand spanking new baby sister to Kaylee who is about to turn 2. Kaylee loves her little sister and has enjoyed holding and kissing Kara, at least up until the point I showed up, then Kaylee wanted nothing to do with her sister. At least Kara was in full cooperation mode and slept peacefully through most of the shoot, and then when she was awake, she was just a relaxed as she could be. A true dream baby to work with. We had a fantastic session, and even made it outside for a set up portrait in the grass. I’m looking forward to watching these girls grow up !

Nashville Newborn Photographer

Nashville Newborn Photographer

Nashville Newborn Photographer

Nashville Newborn Photographer

Nashville Newborn Photographer

Nashville Newborn Photographer

Kaylee did cheese it up for the camera on her own terms! What a cutie.