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86 Days til Christmas!

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Yes, the countdown has begun. I am not a fan of how fast the Christmas season comes around each year, but I do have to announce it as well so that you will have time to get your holiday portraits taken and turned into beautiful Christmas cards! There is still plenty of time, however things are only going to get busier, so go ahead and schedule your session while it is on your mind. As in years past, all cards are customizable to fit your style. In addition to the flat, double-sided  cards as seen below, you also have the option of a folded traditional cards of each design. Ordering deadline is December 6th. I have quite a few new designs for 2013, as well as some of the favorites from years past. Here are a few of the new designs. Contact me to see the rest of this year’s lineup.

cards2013a cards2013b

J Davis Photography Christmas Cards J Davis Photography Christmas Cards

2009 Christmas Cards

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

It is funny how quickly the year can get away from you. And it seems to go by even quicker when you have to plan for things several months out. I can’t stand going into stores at the end of September and already seeing Christmas decorations on sale, yet here I am, rolling out this year’s line of Christmas cards. But, these things take time, from scheduling the sessions, to personally customizing each card to your needs, and then having the cards printed. So actually, I’m running a few weeks behind the ideal schedule. So, if you want some truly personal Christmas cards this year, look no further. Featuring portraits of your family and little loved ones, each card can be customized from the text you choose to the colors and style. You also have a choice our of a flat, double-sided card or a traditional bi-fold card.  Below you can see a few samples of this years cards. For all the styles, just follow the link located below the samples. And yes, believe it or not, time is running out, so if you need cards and want new family portraits, give me a call to get your session on the schedule.

09 Christmas Card #1

09 Christmas Card #2

09 Christmas Card #3

09 Christmas Card #7

09 Christmas Card #8

09 Christmas Card #10

Okay, that was just 6 of the 12 design styles. You can see the rest by clicking here.  And if you have not heard it yet, let me be the first to say “Merry Christmas!”

2008 Christmas Cards

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

It is that time again if you can believe it. I actually feel like I’m running a bit late getting these card designs out for you to see, but there is still plenty of time.  This year I can take card orders up to December 1st. You can use photos from a previous session you had with me this year, or better yet, photos from a new session. This year’s cards are 5×7 vertical folded cards. Several of the designs have different color options, and the text is customizable on all the cards. Below are a few samples, but you can see the whole collection here : 


Contact me for pricing, to place an order or set up a session for new portraits for this fast-approaching holiday season! Talk to you soon – Jason