All babies are miracles, but sometimes these little miracles are a little extra special. Miss Stella is one of those special miracles. Pregnancy doesn’t come easy for all women, and that has been the case for Stella’s mom. In addition, Stella has an older brother, Lincoln, who went straight to the arms of the Lord. So when Stella’s first heartbeat was heard through ultrasound, prayers were said daily by so many people that this pregnancy would be smooth, and would welcome into the world a new precious life. Prayers were answered, and Stella is here. She is adorable, and perfect in every way. Her other big brother, Rocco is absolutely in love with her, and has slept in a sleeping bag beside her bassinet since she’s come home. It’s safe to say, he is going to be a good big brother. Welcome home Stella.

Knoxville Newborn Photography

Knoxville Newborn Photography

Knoxville Newborn Photography

Knoxville Newborn Photography

Knoxville Newborn Children Photography

Knoxville Newborn Family Photography



Charlie & Maddie

The next best thing to having a sibling, is having a cousin, and Maddie can’t be more excited about her new cousin, Charlie. Maddie has been the center of attention since she arrived 4 years ago, but she has been happy to share the spotlight with Charlie since he arrived a few weeks ago. She is also more than happy to share her love for him. Charlie was super relaxed for his portrait session and was quite the little squirt as most little boys are.  Following his session we took a little time to get some new portraits of Maddie since she just doesn’t stop grow up. I’ll never get over those gorgeous eyes of hers, nor those cheeks that surround that sweet smile of hers.

Franklin TN Newborn Photographer

Tennessee Newborn Photographer

Swaddled Newborn Portrait

J Davis Photography

Newborn and Cousin Portrait

Franklin Children's Photogrrapher

Nashville Children's Photographer

Nashville Children's Photographer

Parker & Carson

Tennessee weather can be so unpredictable. The day of Parker and Carson’s session, we were predicted to have 60% chance of rain with possible strong afternoon storms. Thankfully it was one of those days where the prediction was very wrong, and we had a beautiful sunny and warm afternoon without a cloud in sight. Six-year-old Parker was a pro in front of the camera, as well as behind it as he put on a show to get his brother, 16-month-old Carson to smile and laugh. Mom and dad got in on the action too with a new family portrait, which is always important with the speed that kids grow up!

Nashville Family Portraits

Smiling happy toddler portraits

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Cloverbottom Mansion

John Thomas & Henry

Spring time always means another get together with these cute brothers. John Thomas is now 4 and Henry is 2 and together they have enough energy to power a small city. If only there was a way to harness it. I know we’ve all said that as parents. So our session was full of exploring, jumping, dancing, dandelion blowing and all the other fun stuff little boys like to do, even a few moments of brotherly love.

Knoxville Child Photogrpaher

Knoxville Photographer

Knoxville Children's Photographer

Knoxville Children's Photographer

Dandelion Blowing Boy

Dowell Springs Knoxville


I had a great, but quick, trip back to Knoxville recently to catch up with the now 6-year-old Evan. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him since he was six-months old and it has been great watching him grow and develop. He is always full of energy and we have a great time exploring each location we choose.

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Portrait of Six Year Old

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