John Thomas & Henry

Spring time always means another get together with these cute brothers. John Thomas is now 4 and Henry is 2 and together they have enough energy to power a small city. If only there was a way to harness it. I know we’ve all said that as parents. So our session was full of exploring, jumping, dancing, dandelion blowing and all the other fun stuff little boys like to do, even a few moments of brotherly love.

Knoxville Child Photogrpaher

Knoxville Photographer

Knoxville Children's Photographer

Knoxville Children's Photographer

Dandelion Blowing Boy

Dowell Springs Knoxville


I had a great, but quick, trip back to Knoxville recently to catch up with the now 6-year-old Evan. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him since he was six-months old and it has been great watching him grow and develop. He is always full of energy and we have a great time exploring each location we choose.

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Portrait of Six Year Old

Knoxville Photographer

Knoxville Children's Photography

Knoxville Parks

Clayton turns 1

We’re a bit early on this session as we had to work around some scheduling, but it is time to celebrate another big birthday! It is always amazing how fast that first year goes by, especially seeing all the changes that happen. Clayton turns one next week, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing things down. He’s been walking for a few months already and loves to get into anything and everything. He can be quite serious and sit back taking in his surroundings, but when that smile comes out, it lights up the room. It’s been a great year Clayton, and I look forward to watching you grow in the coming years! Happy Birthday.

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Mt. Juliet Children's Photographer

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There is one thing you can count on when it comes to babies. They do things on their own schedule. Take Barrett for instance. His momma and I had scheduled her maternity portrait session in early January, well ahead of Barrett’s early March due date. ┬áThe day before the session I get a call informing me they are on the way to the hospital because Barrett has decided he was ready. The doctors persuaded him to bake a little longer, but at 32 weeks, he made his entrance. Weighing in at 4lbs and 11 oz, he was still required some time in the NICU. But he let everyone know that he was a tough little guy, and after only a little over two weeks, he was ready to come home. He’s put on 2 lbs and is doing great. I could not be happier with the out come of this story, and look forward to watching Barrett grow up.

Welcome Barrett!

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Knoxville Newborn Portraits

Newspaper Hat Newborn Portrait

Newborn in Mouse Hat

In the Arms of Love

Nestled Newborn Portrait

Brandt is 1 (heck of a cool kid)

Things have been a bit quiet around here lately as I’ve been finishing up things from 2014 and planning for 2015. I can’t wait to meet all the babies of 2015 and meet new families along the way. Of course I’m looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces as well. One adorable little face that I’ve been looking forward to seeing again belongs to this guy, Brandt. Last fall when we first met, he was a bit on the stoic side and didn’t flash his cute grin too much, but as he approaches his first birthday this weekend, he was in full-on party mode. He was in such a good, playful mood and had us all in stitches. And Brandt knows how to put some cake away. It has been a while since I’ve had a good cake smash session where the birthday boy/girl wasn’t afraid to get a little messy. Brandt was more than happy to oblige. Happy 1st Birthday to you Brandt! Be sure to leave him birthday wishes in the comments below.

Birthday Boy

Baby Boy's room

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Little UT Vol fan

Birthday boy

Knoxville Children's photographer

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