Jack, William and Phillip

Fall sessions are in full swing and right up front as always are these three brothers. These guys know how to just have a good time no matter the situation. Rain threatened the session, but the clouds moved out as we started shooting. We tromped through the tall grass and made faces at each other and a few wrestling matches just might have broken out among them. All ways a good time with them. Happy Fall ya’ll.

Knoxville Family Photographer

Knoxville Children's Photographer

Phillip may be the youngest, but I have a feeling he is the ring leader of this bunch.

Tennessee Fall Portraits


Knoxville Family Photographer

Three Brothers Fall Photos

No distractions needed

Keeping it real!

Coming Soon… Kaylee

This was an all around perfect evening – two beautiful people and her darling bump,… amazing buttery warm light with the beautiful Iriswoods as the backdrop. All that, plus the excitement as these two count down the days till they meet their little girl, Kaylee, just made this a special session. Can’t wait to meet this sweet baby as well! Stay tuned for her newborn portraits in the coming weeks!

Iriswoods Mount Julliet Tennessee

Nashville Maternity

Nashville Maternity Photographer

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Black and White Maternity

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Fall Maternity Portraits

Mount Juliet Maternity Photography


It is amazing how quickly 3 months can go by, and how much a baby can change in that time. I first met Clayton for his 3 month session, and here he is at 6 months. Sitting up and interested in everything. He is on the verge of crawling but hasn’t figured out that forward motion thing yet. He has the slow backward scoot down as well as the roll over to get there method down to get him where he wants to go. Those big blue eyes are still as captivating as they were three months ago. Looking forward to seeing his personality grow even more in the next three months.

Mount Juliet Photographer

Nashville Infant Photographer

Mount Juliet Infant Photograher

Tickle Time

Six Month Old Portrait Lifestyle

Nashville Children's Photographer

Maddie @ 3

One of my favorite little girls passed through Nashville this past weekend and stopped in for her three year old session. Maddie continues to grow in both height and personality and each visit with her is as special as the last. I’ve been close friends with her mom and dad since I fist moved to Tennessee and love seeing the happiness this little girl brings them. I’m also quite thankful they have family in the area so despite living almost 5 hours away from each other now, I’ll still get to take beautiful portraits of this sweet girl as she continues to grow!

Mt Juliet Tenneessee

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Yay for new additions! I met this wonderful family 5 years ago when their first daughter, Emily was born. Recently they welcomed Elise, a most adorable  little girl to their family. Emily was quite the proud big sister, happy to hold Elise and help pick out hats and headbands for his little sister’s portrait session. Meanwhile, Elise just snoozed her way through the photos with the occasional peek to see what all the fuss was about. What a blessing these two girls are to this family. Congratulations!

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Nashville Newborn

Black and White Newborn Photo

Nashville Newborn Photography

Tennessee Newborn portrait

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